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Spotting a Fake Diamond

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First Defense against Buying a Fake Diamond

Spotting a Fake Diamond, Diamond Education, Aguidance and AdviceThere are real differences between a real diamond and fake one. The first defense against a fake diamond is to know reasonably well enough so that you can ask the right questions to the company you are buying diamonds from or ask the salesman you are talking to.

Certified diamonds reduce your chances of getting a fake a diamond since the diamonds certification is strictly regulated and diamond selling companies have to adhere to strict standards in order to do business. We at Jordan Bass, offer certified diamonds as center stones in your rings which come with authentic certificates from either GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society). We provide our own diamond appraisal card for smaller diamonds around the center stone. Unlike other sources offering diamond jewelry, Jordan Bass offers diamond appraisal with each diamond jewelry purchase.

Major Differences between Real and Fake Diamonds

In this world of advanced technology it is almost impossible to simply look at a diamond and determine whether it is real or not especially if you don't know much about diamonds. There are some steps that you can take to avoid buying a fake diamond, however. However since diamond is a very unique stone, it has unique properties and most of them are well-known and those can be helpful in identifying a fake diamond. There are some important things you can do to avoid getting a fake diamond.

Always Buy From a Dependable Diamond Company

Do not confuse dependable with big. Just because a diamond company is big and shows off a lot glitter, brochures, lights and large discounts and attempts to sell you extended warranties, does not mean it is big and therefore it is dependable. You will probably get a real diamond but you will also pay a real high prices. How else would they cover all the sales and marketing expenses they have incurred to impress you? You do not necessarily have to go to the family jeweler around the corner to get the best value and you do not need the glitter of the stores along with a good diamond ring.

You have an Advantage in Today's eCommerce

While buying a good diamond ring for example, it is important to get the best value. The best value means the real and best jewelry design at the best possible low price with a dependable and satisfactory customer service. Today's advanced technology and advances in eCommerce including transportation, you have more options available to compare what value you can get for your money. Compare what you like online, compare prices, see what the guarantees, warranties, return policies and certification and appraisal the diamond companies are offering, read about the company and make a savvy decision to obtain the best value. Also remember, today's credit card policies, the diamond industry regulation offer you much better online purchase security than having to choose the option to buy a real diamond at a high price from a local or brick and mortar jewelry store.

Wear and Tear on a Diamond

Real diamonds are almost indestructible. If you seek chips or scratches on the gem, chances are your diamond is made by man and not nature.

Certified Diamonds

Ask for a certificate from the Gemological Institution of America. The GIA is the largest diamond grading authority in the world. Only deal with good and dependable jewelry companies and when you find a one, stick with them.

Diamond Appraisal

If your diamond is very expensive, take the diamond to a certified diamond appraiser. While the naked eye may not be able to distinguish between a real diamond and fake one, appraisers have the tools needed to tell the difference. After purchasing a diamond, take it to another jeweler for appraisal. In fact, take it to two or three other jewelers for an appraisal to make sure that the appraisals are all fairly close. If you find that you have purchased a fake diamond, you may be accused of making a switch when you return to the store of your purchase; therefore, it is important to have a certificate for the diamond. No two stones are alike.

Ring Setting

Look at the quality of the setting. If the diamond is fake, there is a higher chance the setting will be of poor quality than if the diamond is real. Fake or real, a beautifully cut diamond in a dazzling setting can be a real eye catcher. The trick is not to pay more for your diamond, fake or real, than it is really worth. By taking the proper precautions to know what you are buying, you can enjoy your diamond purchase without regrets. Look at the setting that the stone is in. Fake diamonds, such as zirconium, are usually set in low quality metals. Take a close look at the stone. Fake diamonds are not durable natural diamonds, on the other hand, are the most durable stone on the planet. Look for scratches or nicks.

Diamond Substitutes

It is important to know the difference between a synthetic diamond and a diamond stimulant. A synthetic diamond is a real diamond created by industrial processes. Whereas a diamond stimulant is a material used to simulate the appearance of a diamond.

Diamond Enhancements

Diamond enhancements are performed on natural as well as synthetic diamonds to improve their gemological characteristics. Enhancements are usually performed on the diamonds already cut and polished. Enhancements include clarity treatments to remove inclusions, such as laser drilling, application of sealants for filling cracks, color treatments for improving a diamond's color grade... more

Diamond Ring Setting Types

Diamond ring settings vary as much as the diamonds and many innovative and new designs are created everyday to beat competition. The ring setting type is as important as a diamond as it would decide the final appearance of a diamond as a jewel... more

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